When installing TM2 you need to be aware of the type of installation you wish to perform, this will either be an evaluation/trial, a server installation or a client installation.

  • A server computer is the computer in your clinic where the data is stored. Other computers will access this computer when running TM2. There should only be on server for your clinic.
  • A client computer is one which accesses another computer (the server) for the information used in TM2.


All three types of installations use the same file but you will select different options as you progress through the installation.

  1. Confirm your computer meets the minimum requirements to run TM2. The minimum hardware specification document can be found here
  2. TM2 requires .net Framework 4.0, we recommend you download and install this prior to installing TM2. You can find the download files for .net framework 4.0 here
  3. Download the TM2 install package from the link provided by our support or sales team.
  4. To install the application please see the below information:

    • Extract the zipped contents of the download, this contains the TM2Setup2012.exe
    • In the extracted folder run TM2Setup2012.exe (please ensure you are logged in as the computer administrator before initiating or right click to run as admin)


    • Follow the installation screen prompts

    Press Next to move to the next screen.

    Accept the terms and conditions then press next to continue

    For the standard initial installation we require TM2 and Database. (This is also the evaluation installation. Once activated the database can be overwritten.)

    For the Client version we required TM2 Only. (Connecting systems)
    For Advanced users Database Only can be chosen

    Depending on your discipline you can choose clinical templates to use the in the application.

    Please note that these can be altered after installation by the Implementation team for multi discipline business.

    We recommend you leave the installation location as default. Press install to begin the deployment.

    Once complete your system will be running an SQL 2008 Instance called Bluezinc and the TM2 Client Application.

    The instance controls all the database information, the client application is the interface for the database.

When launching the application for the first time after installation you will be asked for license or evaluation activation.

If you have purchased TM2 you can view instruction on the license activation process here

To configure the client version of TM2 view this article.


Default Login Credentials

Username: Admin

Password: password.


There are two types of database available in the Bluezinc Instance

The Live Database is a blank database you can use to set-up and run your practice.

The Training Database contains pre-filled information for training and demonstration purposes

For more installation assistance please contact TM2 Support