TM2 has the ability to integrate with HICAPS software and terminals.

This integration is available to clients running TM2 2010.12.101, 2012.10, 2013.03 & 2014.04

The HICAPS integration allows your TM2 software to send and receive claim information through to an attached HICAPS terminals. To allow for this, TM2 must have additional plugin files installed, these plugin files are provided by the TM2 Support team.

The installation of these files are performed on your server as well as each PC that will have a HICAPS terminal attached to it. Before this can occur clients must ensure they have contacted HICAPS and have acquired the necessary connection cables to connect the HICAPS terminal to the PC. 

Once the cable is acquired TM2 support should then be contacted to arrange the plugin installations. This will require access to each PC requiring the files. After the installation is complete we will provide clients with setup documentation. In order to process a claim you first need to setup your system to send the correct information to the terminal, this involves linking Provider Numbers to Practitioners, Healthfunds to TM2 Group and Stock items to Claim codes. All this is covered in the setup documentation but is required to be completed before the integration will work correctly. 

Once all this is complete you will then be able to process claims to HICAPS related health funds through the TM2 System. 

The integration allows you to nominate a Healthfund (TM2 Group) for your patients, when an appointment is completed for a patient in reference to a Healthfund a HICAPS claim button will be available on the internal system invoice, after pressing the button you are asked a few basic details regarding the claim, followed by a notification for the patient to swipe their claim card on the attached HICAPS terminal. After which the system processes the claim and the terminal will notify of its success and send back to TM2. You then have the option to process the patients GAP payment if applicable, the TM2 system manages this by correctly assigning invoices to both the Group and Patient.

Attached is a basic system diagram.

TM2 Supported clients receive the installation assistance free of charge.

Unsupported clients should contact the support team to discuss required assistance.

The HICAPS Cable and HICAPS terminal must be arrange through HICAPS.