Go to this address to access the download options - http://www.teamviewer.com/en/index.aspx

Click on the button that says "Download Free for friends & family":

Once downloaded install the software. (You will need to choose basic installation and for personal/non-commercial use.

When the setup is complete you will see the window below:

Allow Remote Control: This ID and Password are needed to access this computer remotely from another device.

Control Remote Computer: Enter the ID of another computer you want to control remotely from this device.

Installing TeamViewer on an iPad

Download the app named "TeamViewer: Remote Control" from the App Store.


Open the App and select “Next” to view this page.

Enter the “TeamViewer ID” as shown in the partner computer that you want to control remotely.

This is shown in the screenshot above in the section called Allow Remote Control > Your ID.
In the above example the ID is: 836 619 933 (the spaces will need to be included).

Then click "Remote Control ", and provide the password shown in Allow Remote Control > Password. In the above example the Password is: 7209
Then click “Enter”.

You will now have direct control of your computer from your iPad.
All functions and interactions with TM2 will be the same as though you are working directly on your computer.

Common issues that may arise from using this setup for accessing TM2 in a desktop may be:

  • Network speeds at your location being below optimum.
  • Slight latency delay in using the touch screen keyboard.

Also be aware of the security of the computer you are connecting to. This will likely be running in a separate room or location to yourself, so be aware of who has access to it while the session is in progress.

There are a few times when the session will time-out:

  • If you have a passcode on your iPad, you will need to re-enter this after it times out.
  • If you have screensaver/sleep/hibernation set on the remote computer, these will need to be removed so you don’t lose access.
  • If you are inactive within a 15 minute window.

The free version of TeamViewer remote session will end after 60 minutes of use, meaning that using the setup for prolonged periods of time may not be advisable. If you would prefer to use it for longer periods, then it would be advisable to purchase a TeamViewer license.