Medicare & DVA integration is now available in TM2 2014.04.000.36

The integration allows your practice to send and receive claim information via a valid internet connection from within your TM2 application.

Integration is only available to clients running TM2 2014 who have purchased the integration package.

Deployment Process:

  • Contact TM2 Sales to arrange purchase of Package.
  • TM2 Provide you with a Minor ID.
  • Contact Medicare with your Minor ID to receive your Site Certificate.

Site Certificates allows your local systems to communicate with the Medicare Server.

  • Arrange deployment of plugins with TM2 Support.
  • Arrange training and configuration with TM2 Integration.
  • Begin using the integration.

If you are already on TM2 2014 and are interested in the integration please contact

If you are a TM2 Support customer and require update and integration information please contact

If you are an unsupported TM2 customer and require update and integration information please contact

For all other enquiries regarding the integration please contact