The TM2 software is made up of three parts, a database, a client or clients and a file share


    This is where all of the raw information is stored such as names, addresses, appointment times and financial figures. The database is only on one computer and the rest of the computers in your network access this, in real time, for the information.
    The client is the software that takes the information from the database and displays it in a user friendly manner. Each computer accessing TM2 should have a client installed on it.
File Share
    The file share is a directory on your server where letters created in TM2 as well as scanned documents are stored.
What is a Server?
A server is a specified computer which provides data or information to other computers. In relation to TM2 your server is where the database and file share are stored. In many cases your server is one of the computers you use from day to day. However in larger practices it may be a dedicated computer which is not used directly and may be located at a different physical location.

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