Each of your staff can request login credentials access the support portal.

When a submission is made to support@insidetm2.com.au a portal ticket is created. On request we can then send activation information to them to create their Portal login credentials. 

The user can then manage their tickets as well as access the variety of functions the portal has available.

When a TM2 User encounters an error message from within the application the system can send an email to the support portal. The email is listed as coming from the TM2 User which encountered the issue, using their listed TM2 Username Email address. We can then send an activation email to these users if they have not already registered.

Once you have valid access credentials you can login via the login button located on http://support.insidetm2.com.au/

To request login credentials or if you have any issues with registration and access please contact support@insidetm2.com.au or 1300 855 023.

Support Portal Access is limited to our Supported Clients.