On occasion the TM2 Support team will require access to your system to review faults, questions or functions.

To provide technician access the Support Team utilize log me in rescue. A widely used remote assistance application.

When initiating the session the technician will require the user access our Support Portal on the system requiring access.

The technician will then direct the user to the Remote Support option found within the portal, this will take them to the connection setup page.

The technician will then provide the user with a once off 6 digit connection code.

Once the user enters the code they are requested to initiate the download

Depending on your web browser the download may function in different ways.

The user will need to run the downloaded file once its completed then follow the on screen prompts to allow remote control. 

When the connection is established the technician will be able to control the computer as if they were situated in front of it.