Windows 10 has now been released for some time with more and more TM2 Users moving across to the platform there have been a discrepancies that have popped up after the Windows 10 Update has been completed.

The most common issues we have encountered are below, along with there solutions.

Unable to Login - Server Not Found

If you have updated your TM2 Server system then the most likely explanation for TM2 to alert of server access issues is that the Windows Start up procedure did not correctly initiate the TM2 Bluezinc Database Service.

The Database service is an ongoing process your server system runs, if this service is not running then the database is not available for the TM2 Client application to connect to. Resulting in connection errors.

To resolve this issue please perform the following on your server system

Press Windows Key

Type ' Services'

Open 'Windows Services' , 'View Local Services' or 'Services'

Find the entry for the SQL Database Service Process

Be Default this will be labeled SQL Server (Bluezinc)

The information displayed will advise if it is Running or Stopped.

If the service is stopped then you will want to start it

This is done via the right click menu

Unable to Login - TM2 Error message regarding Time /  Date Format

Some users have encountered TM2 errors when logging in after performing a Windows 10 Update.

The error message includes information along the lines of date formatting 

If you encounter this issue please ensure that your Windows Date / Time format are correctly set to the Australian Format