The following document has been created to assist clients with the review and adjustment of the Text Appointment Reminder Communication Template.

Standard Text Services has a 160 Character limit.

If a text message exceeded the 160 Character Limit the TM2 service would previously cut the message off at 160 Characters.

Changes to the TM2 Text Service will no longer do this. The entire message will be sent.

The reason for this service change is to reduce unintended confusing communications and provide a more robust communication tool.

If a message exceeds 160 Character the remaining text will now be sent as a separate message and charged accordingly.

TM2 Reminder Text Communication Template Adjustment Review

The Reminder Text Communication template can be found in the following location:

Top Menu > Tools > TM2 Options > Lookups & Labels > Communication Templates> Appointment Reminders > Text Message

The Text Reminder Template works like all templates in the TM2 system. You have your generic wording and then merge fields which pull and display information relevant to the record it is run against.

The above example image is the default text reminder template.

If the template was sent to patient Elizabeth Patterson for a 11:00AM appointment at the Melbourne Clinic with Practitioner David Jones the following would be received.

Appointment Reminder for Elizabeth Patterson with David Jones on Wed 05 Apr 2017 at 11:00AM from Melbourne Clinic.

Text Characters= 114

The characters of the sent text will increase based on the data pulled into the templates merge fields. 

It is important that you are aware that the template will grow depending on the information pulled by the data fields. If characters exceed 160 then the remaining characters will be sent as an additional text at additional costs.

If you have additional non default information in your reminder templates then the text may exceed the character limit and any characters past 160 will be sent as a secondary text.

Reminder template has been adjusted to include “If you require a change of appointment please call the practice:

The total character length of the template prior to displaying record related merge field information is 174 Characters. Already exceeding the 160 Character limit. In this example you would be charged 2x Text Messages