If you are accessing the web booking portal from a mobile device then it may ask you for a mobile number and PIN credentials. 

Mobile and PIN credentials are only given to Practitioner Online Booking Portal Users. 

Mobile and PIN credentials are not given to Patients and General Online Booking Portal users. 

Patient and General Online Booking Portal users cannot use a mobile or pin to access the portal, they will only receive a email and password. 

The mobile booking portal was developed for practitioner access, for patient and general user access the user must view the full page. 

Most newer mobile device browsers will default to the full site however some apple and older devices may default to the practitioner mobile login.

If a Patient or General Online Booking Portal user is on a mobile device and is greeted by the login page requesting Mobile and PIN credentials then the user must select the  "Full Site" option


Go to their Mobile Browser Tool Bar and select "Request Desktop Site"


The user will then be taken to the full site in which they can use their email / password credentials.