Online Portal – The booking portal we have created for you in which users and patients alike can login and perform various actions.

Online User - General term for Online User profile and related credentials for staff members and patients.

Practitioner User – An Online user type specific to TM2 User Profiles that are linked to a Practitioner Profile and enabled for Online Access.

System User – An Online user type specific to a general TM2 User profile that has been enabled for online access.

Patient User – An Online user type specific to a patient that is linked to a TM2 patient record that has been enabled for online access.

Provisional Patient User – An Online user that has registered with your clinic via the Register option on the booking portal. They are not actually a patient in your system until you confirm and create them a patient record or link them to an existing patient record.

Provisional Appointment – Provisional patients can make bookings into the Diary but these bookings will be listed as Provisional Appointments. In order for those appointments to become “real” the provisional online user must be either made into a “real” patient or linked to an existing patient.

Temporary Appointment – Is a place holder that gets created in the diary when someone is thinking about making an appointment via the online booking portal. Example > Patient Tom Jones is on the booking portal and selects a time / date for an appointment, the system shows a confirmation screen. A temporary place holder is placed on that time and date to cover the period between selection and confirmation, this is so other users do not snipe the selected time.  If the user does not confirm the selected date / time booking placement that temporary appointment place holder is removed.

Online Practitioner – In order for bookings to made via the online booking portal the  practitioner you want available for these bookings must have Online Access enabled on their practitioner profile along with at least one session that is also marked as available online.

Online Practitioner Session – TM2 Practitioners work on availability sessions, which determine when a practitioner is available for appointment bookings. The online functionality allows you to nominate which of these sessions will be available for online bookings. Allowing you to have a variation of sessions, some available for online bookings, some not. Each session series you have listed within your practitioner profiles can have this option enabled or disabled.