TM2 2017 – Post Update Awareness

The following document has been created to clarify common TM2 20217 encounters.

User Accessibility

First time access

After the update has been completed TM2 Users should be able to login with the same credentials they used prior to the update however on first login, the user will be prompted to change their password to meet the new security requirements.

User Email

Along with the security changes users now require a personalized email address. It’s is recommended each user has an email address specific to them. If the user requires a password reset an email address must be provided.

Password Reset

The password reset functionality has changed. No longer can a system administrator choose the password for users. To reset a user password a system administrator must access the user record in TM2 and select the reset option which emails the user a temporary password. When the user logs in with that temporary password they will be requested to make their own.

User Creation

Every created user must have an email address. You cannot nominate a password at creation. After creation the user will receive an email containing a temporary password. When the user logs in with the temporary password they will be requested to personalize.

Patient File

Patient Record after Update

TM2 now records new information on patient files, these are back end records for new features. After the update has been complete and a patient’s record is accessed for the first time, these new backend entries will be created. Even if the user has not made any direct changes to the record, when closing a notification will appear asking you to save the file. This is simply to save and record those new backend entries for the patient. This will only occur once per patient after the update is deployed.


Appointment Symbols

The symbols that appear on appointments have been slightly altered. Documentation on the meanings can be found here


Sleep Mode

If you have your system set to enter a sleep mode after a certain period this can create connection problems with TM2. If you have TM2 minimized or in the background and leave your system for a period long enough to fall asleep, a connection break will occur and you will be forced to re-login for security reasons. If you intend to leave the system for an extended period it is recommended you log out of TM2.