To ensure that you get the best out of TM2 Hosted or TM3 Desktop we need you to run some tests on your internet connection. This should be done at each location and during peek internet times.

If you are going from Local to Hosted or TM3 then you WILL notice a performance hit as your files are no longer within your network / building and rely on the internet. 

This is normal as internet in Australia runs typically at 1/10th of an internal local network. If you were using TM2 on the same computer that the database and file-share was located on you will likely notice drop in response time on TM2 Hosted / TM3 Desktop. 

Many business will be on ADSL2+ giving usable download speeds but fairly limited upload speeds. If you are on NBN depending on your plan your will see a symmetrical connection where you will get the same upload speeds as download.

TM2 Hosted and TM3 desktop requires a good solid connection out. Typically 5 Mbps Down and .8Mbps Up will give you an experience with sub 5 second response times on any actions within the desktop application.

This typical speed assumes you have an average 5 users logged in TM2 / TM3 in conjunction with most other online activities. See below for activities that are commonly known to effect speed.


Services that can impact on your experience.

  • Spotify - or other online streaming music services                                                                                        Download
  • Netflix, YouTube or other online streaming video services                                                                            Download
  • Remote Desktop Services, Microsoft RDP, TeamViewer etc                                                                         Download↓ & Upload↑ 
  • Sending large attachments (Constant)                                                                                                          Upload↑

Services that can have a severe impact on your experience.

  • OneDrive / DropBox or other Filesharing applications that are not speed limited                                         Download↓ & Upload↑
  • Acronis / CrashPlan or other continual synchronization backup / DR software that are not speed limited   Upload↑
  • Torrenting                                                                                                                                                      Download↓ & Upload↑

Some great current references on Internet Speeds in Australia can be found here.


NBN / Cable: 

*Collab Global is not affiliated with whistleout in any way, these links are subject to change. 

You can simply start the test by clicking [Start Test] link below.


Once you have run the test please fill in the form located HERE for each location that you will be accessing TM2 Hosted / TM3 Desktop from.

How to run a speed test

If you have ever experienced slow internet speeds, you know how frustrating it can be. As household behavior changes with more and more connected devices that demand more data, internet speed can change dramatically at different times of day. 

Internet speeds are measured in Megabits Per Second (Mbps).For most people, a connection speed over 50Mbps is considered to be fast;  keep in mind that a slower result doesn't mean your plan is inadequate, unless it's drastically lower than what you're actually paying for. 

Before starting a speed test it is best to make sure that there are no other internet activities using your connection that might be using data, like app updates, streaming video, or online games. 

Click on the start test button when you're ready, and wait a couple of minutes while the test runs. You will get an upload and download number in Mbps.