You can create a simple desktop icon to allow fast and easy access to your TM3 Web Portal.

To do this go to your desktop.

Right Click > New > Shortcut

For the location please put the TM3 Web Portal Link as supplied by Collab Global

Name your Shortcut and Click Finish

You can download our custom TM3 icons below and save to a folder in your Documents folder with the name Icon if you would like to change it from a generic web icon pictured below.

Right Click > Properties


Click > Change Icon...

Click > Browse then locate to folder of the icon that you would like to select then Click > Open

Once you have the icon open on the screen above Click > OK then Click > Apply then Click > OK

You should now have a stand out icon that takes you to your TM3 Web Login

This icon will open the link you entered in what ever browser is set to default. Please note certain large Windows updates can change your default browser BACK to Microsoft Edge.  

To set your browser to default to Chrome please follow the instructions HERE

Please note this will take you to an external site. If you link is dead please let support know.