Integration between TM2 and TM3 Desktop is relatively straight forward. The support team at Collab Global install the components needed for TM2 / TM3 Desktop to communicate to the HICAPS connect software.  HICAPS connect is supplied and supported by HICAPS please contact 1300 650 852 for assistance on getting HICAPS installed and configured. You can also visit for further information.  Once HICAPS Connect has been installed and configured the support team at Collab Global can assist in getting HICAPS enabled and setup within TM2 or TM3 Desktop.  The terminal can interface with TM2 / TM3 Desktop in 2 different ways these are outlined below. Please take into consideration the limitations of your clinics setup. The Collab Global team can offer advice only on what path to take.

USB / Serial Connection (Older Terminals)

These require either a 9 PIN serial port (RS232) or a USB connection on your PC. To use USB you will also need to order a 9 PIN serial port (RS232) to USB adaptor. This is also supplied by HICAPS and is known as a Key Span Adaptor. A further installation step here is needed to install drivers for the adaptor to function as a COM port on your PC. This setup requires the PC you have plugged the terminal into to act as a ‘server’ for the HICAPS software. Once HICAPS connect is installed on the PC’s you wish to claim through using TM2 it will talk to the ‘server’ and submit the claim via the terminal. Please note the older terminals are only capable of submitting via a phone line.

Networked (New Terminals)

This method allows you to connect your terminal into your local area network allowing greater freedom in placement of your HICAPS terminal. Using your terminal networked reduces the need to have it next to a dedicated ‘server’ PC plus allow the claims to be submitted via your internet / WAN. Newer terminals also offer the older USB and Serial connections combined with either phone line or internet submission.