It’s yours!

First and foremost, your data belongs wholly to you! We will host and manage it on your behalf using the guidelines as set out below. Your data sits between multiple layers of security on both Azure and our own editions.

Australian Privacy Principals

Your data is not sold or shared with any third party. We will access your data on request for support reasons only. Data is not divulged or reported on internally. Any cold stored backups are secured and encrypted as well as being kept within Australia under physical control of Collab Global.

For more information on Privacy Principals please refer to the link below.

Australian Approved Cloud Providers

This is a very important factor to consider especially when dealing with health data.

We utilize the Microsoft Azure services being one of the largest cloud providers approved for government and defence usage, due to security and redundancies.

Australia Data and Signals has a list of approved cloud providers, see link below.

We will not accept any files containing customer information or provider numbers from drop box or any other cloud storage that is not locked to Australia. We can provide large files for clinics to download via our own internal cloud.

“Azure Australia East” Locked

We utilize and are locked to Azure Australia East. This means that all information in and out of TM2 Hosted and TM3 is based in Sydney Australia. Geo Redundancy will be setup in the coming months to also house a mirror image of your data in Melbourne.


Microsoft Azure retains 90 days of snapshots of your SQL data, we can restore you to a previous time if need be. Please note this is a full restore meaning that whatever you do post the restore date will be lost.

That being said, like any business utilizing the cloud, your own business continuity plan should be your first line of defence.

Request a hard copy

We know for some clients, having a copy by their side or locked away in a safe that they control is important. If you would like a copy of your data downloaded and posted to you, we can arrange this as a fee-for-service. Please contact us for pricing as the fee is dependent on data size and frequency of your download.

Service Status

Can’t log into TM2 Hosted or TM3? Check the link below and see if we are having some technical issues.