Appointment Indicators


Name in Bold – Where the text on a diary appointment is in bold the patients default billing is to pay on the spot for their consultation. This is defined by settings on the patients record (not the appointment) and looks at the group and “Invoice Period” set for the patient. If the group selected is configured with a the “After Each Appointment” Invoice Period or the “Invoice Period” field on the patient record is set to “Immediately” the text on the appointment will be bold.


* on Appointment – Where an * appears before the patients name on the diary appointment this consultation relates to a new case. This is controlled via the “This is the first appointment of a new case” radio check box on the appointment booking window and then selecting an entry from the “Body Site” dropdown list.


[N] on appointment – For a patient who has never completed an appointment in TM2 there will be a [N] shown next to their name on all diary appointments. This will disappear once any appointment has been completed for the patient.


Number in top right corner – Once enabled expiring authorization codes are shown at the top right of an appointment on the diary. Expiring is defined as 3 or less remaining.

This options is enabled via [Tools] > [TM2 Options] > [Advanced Settings] then set “Diary Appointment Low Authorisation Count” to “True”


Text in red  – Where a patient owes money  due to unpaid invoices or un-invoiced billing items, the text on their appointments will appear in red.


Money Symbol -  If an invoice will be raised after the appointment, a 'money' symbol will appear on the tile. This could either be a private patient set to pay immediately, or a group patient, where the group is setup to be invoiced after each appointment.

Exclamation point in red triangle – Where the patient has Alert on record an alert icon will appear on all of this patients appointments. This will appear regardless of whether the Alert is set to “Require Acknowledgement”.


Mobile phone / Envelope – Once appointment reminders have been sent for an appointment an icon will appear in the bottom right of the appointment to indicate if they received a SMS, email or both.


Computer and arrow – When an appointment is booked online (using the TM2 online module) this appointment will be indicated by an icon in the bottom left hand corner of the appointment.


Yellow Circle on Grey - When appointment is being booked online but has yet to be completed this icon will show as the appointment status.


Appointment status icons

Green Circle – Appointment set to booked

Orange circle (appointment Background black) – Appointment set to arrived

Blue Tick – Appointment has been Completed and thus payment processed

Red Cross – Appointment has been set to Cancelled, if required cancellation fee has been processed

Exclamation point in yellow triangle – Appointment marked as “Did Not Attend”