As with all computer applications TM2 can be launched from your desktop however you are also required to log into and out of TM2 thus ensuring the security of the information in your system.

Logging into TM2

  1. Click on the TM2 icon on the desktop or select TM2 form the start menu.

  2. On the login screen enter your username and password
  3. Select the training database (for practicing with the system) or live database (with your real client data)

Logging out of TM2

It is very important that you log out of TM2 when you are not using the system. This is because TM2 is licensed by the number of users who can log into the system at the same time. If you are logged in when you are not using TM2 you may be preventing someone else from using the software.

To log out, click on the icon shown below which is at the top of the TM2 display:

You should always log out at the end of each day.